Panoramio Desktop

Panoramio Desktop 1.2

This program allows you to set up your desktop wallpaper
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This program allows you to set up your desktop wallpaper on your chosen points on the globe and something else.
- Internet
- MS Windows XP, Windows 7

- Embedded map with geocode suggestion
- Add photos by map area, location name, tag
- Panoramio, Picasa, Flickr and local folder sources
- Automatic wallpaper changing
- Languages
- Jpeg EXIF
- Geocode in national language
- Weather for current photo coordinates
- Image size filtering
- Googling for Title and Author of photo
- Links to Author, photo & photo location pages
- Sharing locations and photos
- Picture copyright position
- Skins (backgrounds)
- Hotkey to change wallpaper
- Autochange is disabled when screensaver is running
- Proxy server
- Export/import location sets (collections)
- Remove "ugly" photos from collection
- Transparent windows
- Uses Google Maps, Panoramio, Picasa, Flickr and Wunderground API
- Non-repeated images cycling
- Easy-actions:
- Middle-click on tray icon to change wallpaper
- Double-click or press F2 on location to rename it
- Double-cliсk on icon to show main window
- Alt Drag to change locations order

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